Unjani Clinic


The Kigali Global Dialogue, which took place on 10 to 12 August this year, brings together policymakers, academics, civil society and the private sector. The aim of the conference is to discuss and devise solutions for critical sustainable development challenges facing the global community today.

One of the themes of the conference was the deep inequalities in healthcare exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Under this pillar, Unjani’s Network General Manager, Sue Hoosain, was honoured to be invited to participate in a panel to speak on innovations in post-pandemic healthcare aimed at improving access to quality healthcare for all.

With Unjani Clinic having recently launched a custom designed clinic management platform and set to launch a patient-centred app in the new future, Sue was well-positioned to outline the many benefits of innovative technology for both healthcare patients and providers.

Our new management platform for our clinics has already made strides towards enhancing the care we are able to provide to our patients. This system gives our nurses access to improved clinic management process, helping them streamline their day-to-day business operations to provide high-quality care and transparency to their patients. From patient registration and appointment scheduling for procedures to management systems for patient information, documents, stock ordering and management and so much more, this new technology is already enabling us to provide even better care to each and every patient.

In the coming weeks, we will be launching the first phase of our new patient healthcare app, appropriately named “WeCare”. This app will deliver a range of benefits to both our patients and nurses, enabling improved communication and customer service. Patients will be able to log into their profile to view and update their personal info, set reminders, book procedure consultations, view their chronic medication, receive information relevant to their condition, and receive reminders to take their meds and go for their next check-up.

The app will also have a wealth of educational resources on various chronic medical conditions, so patients can stay informed and make the right choices for their health. Finally, the app will drive a closer connection between the clinics and patients, giving them the opportunity to rate service levels and provide feedback that will help us deliver the best possible care.

The launch of this app showcases how Unjani Clinic intends to use technology to drive improved access to quality private healthcare for all, while supporting the growth and development of Black women-owned clinics in South Africa.