Unjani Clinic


At Unjani Clinic, our core aim is to improve access to high-quality affordable private healthcare. With a model that empowers women to become independent business professionals, we have a growing footprint of clinics offering empathetic care to patients across South Africa.

In line with these aims, we are always looking for new, innovative ways to reach out to our patients, giving them the education and resources they need to make informed decisions about their own health. We are constantly seeking to provide our clinics with the facilities, capabilities and resources required to give each and every patient the healthcare and patient experience they deserve.

By educating the communities around us on various healthcare topics, we are able to create a sense of confidence in the services and solutions available to them. It is our hope that through strategic education initiatives, we can address some of the most critical healthcare issues facing South Africans today.

As part of our drive to improve access to quality healthcare for all South Africans, we have established over 130 clinics across the country, and aim to increase that number to 600 clinics by 2030. This will not only allow us to bring comprehensive healthcare solutions to the communities that need them most – it will enable us to develop a platform from which to spread medical advice and education to all our country’s citizens.

This dedication to educational initiatives can be seen in our recent partnership with Creative Contracts, a company that has designed a comic that outlines the facts and debunks the myths surrounding COVID-19 vaccinations. We will be sharing this valuable resource with all our patients and social media followers, including:

  • Digital copies available for free download
  • Physical copies in each of our clinics for patients to read while they wait (available in English, isiXhosa, Siswati, Sepedi, Tsonga and/or Afrikaans)
  • Training materials and training sessions for all our professional nurses
  • Posters in our clinics with a link to the free digital download
  • Social media posts on Facebook encouraging followers to download the digital comic

Access and download the full comic here – http://vaccine-comic.com/

Let’s continue to work together to keep our communities safe!