Unjani Clinic


At Unjani Clinic, we pride ourselves on our commitment to making compassionate care easy to access and navigate for each and every patient. We are constantly pursuing new ways to innovate both our model and our service offering to our patients.

As part of our dedication to connecting our patients to crucial healthcare services, we will be launching a new hearing screening service as part of a pilot programme. This will be initially rolled out at 3 clinics – Atteridgeville, Mamelodi and Olievenhoutbos – and expanded should it prove to be a success.

Any deterioration in hearing can have a profound impact on a person’s quality of life. The resulting difficulty in communication can lead to:

  • Fewer educational and job opportunities
  • Social withdrawal and reduced access to services
  • Emotional problems caused by a lowered self-esteem

Regular hearing testing is crucial in order to make patients aware of any loss of hearing, as well as ensuring that the right course of treatment is followed.

Unjani Clinic has partnered with HearX, an innovative, impact-driven digital health company that is passionate about providing affordable access to healthy hearing for everyone, everywhere.

As part of our pilot programme, the 3 selected clinics will be equipped with hearScreen® technology, an award-winning hearing screening solution that operates on a smartphone. The solution includes user-friendly design, automated test protocols, and quality control features for quick and accurate hearing screening.

A quick, easy & non-invasive test

  • No appointment necessary
  • Test takes 3 minutes
  • Screening is conducted via headphones and the use of an app on a smartphone, which is calibrated before use
  • Test sequences are pre-programmed and automatically presented for maximum accuracy and efficiency
  • Once the screening has been completed, a test report is issued
  • The test report will enable the nurse to ascertain whether the patients needs to be referred to an audiologist or not

Each hearing test will cost only R50, enabling easy, affordable access to innovative healthcare solutions.