Unjani Clinic

Unjani Clinic represents the non-profit company model of the future, with a growing footprint of clinics that have the facilities, capabilities and resources required to give each and every patient the high-quality healthcare and patient experience they deserve.
At the core of our model is the constant pursuit of new, innovative ways to make our healthcare offering more accessible and affordable, while enabling the highest quality empathetic healthcare. Our Nurse Owner Operators are completely committed to their patients’ holistic wellbeing, in accordance with the required regulatory compliances standards and practices, and in line with ‘how an Unjani Nurse does it’ – with empathy and care at heart.

“We want our patients to choose us, and to trust and feel confidence in the healthcare they receive from each Unjani Clinic.”
– Lynda Toussaint, Unjani Clinic CEO

Driven by the desire to make compassionate care easy to access and use, we are always looking to improve our business and model. As part of this mission, we have recently rolled out 2 impressive innovations, both of which are designed to enhance our offering and better look after our patients’ health.

An all-new clinic management system

Our new clinic management system (CMS) has been created to give our Nurses access to improved clinic management processes, streamlining their day-to-day operations and providing high-quality care and transparency to their patients. Over the past few months, we have been developing and implementing this CMS, training our Nurses to ensure that they are able to maximise the benefits to both themselves and their patients.
The CMS empowers nurses to efficiently run their clinics, and enables everything from patient registration and appointments and scheduling, to the management of patient info, documents, consultations, medication stock and more. They are also able to generate reports and manage outpatients, leading to better care for all patients.

An innovative patient-centred mobile app

The official Unjani Clinic – WeCare Patient App enables improved communication and customer service for all Unjani patients. Easily and freely downloadable on any Android phone, the app delivers a host of benefits to our patients.
Through the app, patients are able to view and update personal info, book consultations at their nearest Unjani Clinic, view consultation history and medical records (including lab results), and find all Unjani Clinic contacts and emergency numbers. Patients will also be reminded about their next check-up, and can set notifications to take chronic medication, collect medication and scripts, and visit their clinic for a new script when their old one is almost finished.

“The new CMS and WeCare app are significant innovations, not just for Unjani Clinic and its patients, but for healthcare in South Africa as a whole. We are confident that by embracing the opportunities and tools available to us through technological advances, we will be able to deliver even better empathetic healthcare to each and every patient.”
– Lynda Toussaint, Unjani Clinic CEO