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Take control of your reproductive health with a

contraceptive injection

For anyone from young girls to older adults who are still ovulating, contraceptive injections provide an easy and highly effective way to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Whether you’re just not ready for a child, or if you can’t afford the expenses that come with pregnancy and birth, there are many reasons to be on a contraceptive, so read on to find out if a contraceptive injection is right for you.

Contraceptives for young girls

Early pregnancy forces many South African teenage girls to drop out of school or university, trapping them in a cycle of poverty and dependence on government assistance. There is also often a stigma to being a teenage mother, with many being excluded from their community or pushed into early marriage.

Aside from these external pressures, becoming a mother as a teenager can be incredibly stressful, as young girls are neither emotionally nor physically ready for the hardships it entails. As such, it is crucial to ensure that girls in South Africa are on some form of contraception, even if they are not yet sexually active. While a contraceptive won’t encourage girls to have sex, it will provide protection against pregnancy if and when they do engage in intercourse.

Contraceptive injections at Unjani Clinic

The main benefit of the contraceptive injection is that it lasts for 8 to 13 weeks, so you don’t have to remember to take a pill every day. While no contraceptive has a 100% guarantee, the injection is highly effective at preventing pregnancy.

The injections usually provide protection for up to 13 weeks – but for some people, it can take up to a year for their fertility to return to normal. If you’re wanting to have a baby soon and are just looking for a temporary contraceptive, this might not be the right choice for you

Depending on the type of injection you and your Unjani Nurse choose, your contraceptive will be injected into your:

  • Arm
  • Stomach
  • Bottom
  • Thigh

Who can get a contraceptive injection?

The injection only works on females – but that doesn’t mean it’s only up to the woman to ensure responsible sex. It is important for men to support their partner in choosing and using the contraceptive method that’s right for them.

What if the injection isn’t right for me?

All Unjani Clinics offer a range of contraceptive options, including IUDs and oral contraceptives. Chat to your Unjani Nurse to find out which will work best for you.