Unjani Clinic

Unjani Clinic partners with HIVSA & Ikusasa Lethu to bring a Wellness Day to Soweto

Unjani Clinic, together with HIVSA and Ikusasa Lethu, recently hosted a Wellness Day in Soweto, offering a range of free healthcare services for residents. At the event, patients were offered free hearing screening and eye tests, as well as free HIV treatment and education. Family planning services were also available.

We were delighted with the turnout, with locals attending the Ikusasa Lethu facility in Freedom Park to receive these crucial primary healthcare services and guidance.

The partnership between Unjani Clinic, HIVSA and Ikusasa Lethu is aimed at empowering individuals, community organisations and healthcare workers to effectively address socioeconomic and health issues, particularly in the context of the high HIV and AIDS burden prevalent in our country.

HIVSA, a non-profit company established in 2002, is a strategic partner of the Gauteng Provincial Department of Health and Social Development. The organisation’s vision is to create an HIV-free generation, and it seeks to empower individuals, community workers and organisations by developing their capacity and resilience to address health and socioeconomic issues.

Our other Wellness Day partner, Ikusasa Lethu Youth Project, focuses on helping children, families and the broader community to break the cycle of poverty by empowering them to take charge of their future through educational, vocational, entrepreneurial and skills development opportunities.

We would like to thank both HIVSA and Ikusasa Lethu for joining us in hosting this Wellness Day. We hope that, by providing essential healthcare services to those who need them most, we were able to enhance the lives of those in the community. We look forward to hosting another Wellness Day in the near future.