It has assisted me to connect with my patients by providing support, guidance and education on a one-on-one level that they are not able to get from the state health system. My advice to aspiring clinic owners, is to love and be passionate about what you do and be willing to go an extra mile to help others. Most of all stay humble and respect other people’s culture and religion.
Sister Cynthia Yeko – Unjani Clinic Orange Farm, opened July 2015.

I’ve become a provider not only for my benefit but also for others. There is something great about knowing that I made a difference in people’s lives. I have turned my passion and beliefs into a business and that is something that fulfills my soul. I’ve experienced personal growth as a business person and as an individual.
Sister Phindi Nkosi – Unjani Clinic Windmill Park, opened October 2014.

When there is a shortage of medication from the local clinic, patients come to get their medication from me. I also have enough time to listen to the patients. The clinic has got privacy, it is clean and there are no long queues, and most important of all – it is affordable. Patients tell me my hands are warm and they are happy with my service. My advice to aspiring clinic owners is that customer service must be perfect at all times.
Sister Molly Segobola – Unjani Clinic Kwaggafontein, opened January 2016.