"Unjani” in both Zulu and Xhosa means, “How are you?”

At Unjani Clinics, we believe in the holistic health of our patients, not just their physical health but their general well being. Using the broad term “how are you” thus encompasses mental (mind), physical (body) and spiritual (soul) well being.


Unjani Clinics has been awarded with these prestigious awards:

  • - Strategic Award Certificate crops
  • - Jobs Fund Social Impact Award (2018)
  • - M&G Investing in the Future Health Award (2015)
  • - M&G Drivers of Change Business Award (2013)


Unjani Clinic is an Enterprise Development initiative aimed at:

  • - Empowering Black Women Professional Nurses;
  • - Creating Permanent Jobs; and
  • - Perfecting a Sustainable Clinic Model for providing primary healthcare.

Originally pioneered by Imperial, the concept was developed out of the need for the urgent transformation in the healthcare system in South Africa; the fact that our country faces the triple affliction of HIV, AIDS & TB; the fact that 84% of our population are dependent on an overburdened Public Sector system; and a costly curative-care based model vs. disease prevention and promotion.

The initiative is delivered through a Non-Profit Company registered as Unjani Clinics NPC, who acts as the support structure in the relationship. The legal structure is based on a Non-Profit Company, without members.

This NPC structure was put in place in order to provide maximum funding benefit to the beneficiaries of Unjani Clinic NPC, the professional nurses that join the network as well as the funders or donors to the NPC (who will receive the necessary legal and tax exemption certificates). All of the clinics are Exempted Micro Enterprises - 100% black women owned and their turnover levels are below R10m annually, thus, the relevant BBBEE Affidavits will be provided to all funders to ensure that they meet the DTI Scorecard requirements.

There are currently 81 clinics in the Unjani Clinic Network

Founded on an owner-operator model, our clinics serve the “bottom of the pyramid” and under-served markets; ensuring an affordable, quality primary healthcare service and the supply of quality medicines to the people of South Africa. The clinics are based in the communities of our Country ensuring that the service is delivered at the point of need.